We value our relationship with our customers. If we receive a compliment or testimonial about our service, we ask approval to publish their comments.

Here’s just a few of the comments we’ve gotten over the years.

We just wanted to thank you for giving us the most delightful home environment we have ever had! So many times this winter we have paused and thought of how the heater used to just run and run with the air still feeling so cold around us. Now we barely hear it, turn it on and off, it runs much less frequently and the air is always a steady, comfortable temperature even though we haven’t raised the setting from our usual 67 to 68 degrees. Even better, our health has signifigantly improved. I didnt get a single sinus infection or cold all winter! Usually my allergies flare as soon as we close up the house for the winter season. This year was wonderful! And we don’t zap the dogs every time we play together. I can’t begin to tell you the savings. Depending on the month, we are seeing $75-150 less between electric and gas bills since prior to the change. All we can say is WOW! and thank you! – John & Leah, Rose Hill

Hi there! When my air conditioner went out on a hot summer day, JP Service was very quick to get out and get it fixed. – Bob, Derby

My AC quit working. By the time they called and said someone was on the way, it started to rain. I thought won’t get fixed today. Jason stood out in the rain and got it working! – David, Derby

I had JP Service out to repair my furnace when it stopped working. The serviceman was very quick and polite. I would recommend them to anyone. – Marie, Wichita